Fw: National Taiwan Normal University 2017 Summer School

Published: September,08,2017


Summer School


  • 課程時段:2017年10月30日至2017年11月12日,週一至週五上午9:00至下午16:30,為期兩週。

         Period: 2017.10.30~2017.11.12 Mon. to Fri. 9:00-16:30 (2 weeks) 

(Accommodation provided form Mon-Sunday)

  • 課程名稱:行動學華語
  • 課程簡介:針對海外零起點的初學者所特別設計。採用「以學習者為中心」的教學理念為主軸,將課程切割成數個對話形式的小單元,對話主題含括家庭、寒暄、運動、工作等生活用語。

        Title: Learn Chinese On the Go

Introduction: This course is designed for beginners overseas. The main characteristic of teaching method is "learner-centered,", dividing the course into several units of conversation, such as the topics related to family, greeting, exercise, and work.

  • 文化議題與體驗:除了語言學習課程外,另安排臺灣客家文化、原住民文化、中華美食等文化專題課程,讓學員更全面的了解台灣各地不同的風俗民情。並安排參訪行程及地方文化景點觀光,讓學員體驗豐富的中華文化與臺灣之美。

Culture Experience: Besides Mandarin classes, we have designed special courses introducing Hakka culture, aboriginal culture, and Chinese food, etc. Furthermore, the field trip will also allow students to experience the richness of Chinese culture and beauty of Taiwan.

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   Summer School-Applicants from Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, or Myanmar who should be currently enrolled in school.


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