Telecommunication Services

Published: January,23,2014

A. How to apply for a cellphone number in Taiwan

1. Foreigners applying for a cellphone number need to bring the following documents to a local telecommunications service counter:

  1. Residency Permit
  2. Passport

The applicant must be accompanied by a citizen who must bring the following documents:

  1. ID card
  2. National Health Insurance Card

B. Making International Long-Distance Calls

1. Dial: Exit Code for Taiwan + Target Country Code + Area Code + phone number.

For example, to call to New York from Taiwan dial: (212)345-6789, 009 (or002)1-212-3456789.

2. For the International operator Service, please call 100, there will be an operator to help you.

3. International Phone Call Service: 0800-080-100

4. For more details about Country Codes, time differences and phone rate please visit:

C. Phone Numbers—Other Services:

1. Barrier Service:112

2. English directory service:106

3. International Phone Call Service: 100

4. Website:

5.More Details:

D. Relevant Information:          

1. Chunghwa Telecom: 0800-080-090  

2. Taiwan Mobile: 0809-000-852