National Ilan University (NIU) started as the Taiwan Provincial Ilan School of Agriculture & Forestry in 1926. Since then, NIU has maintained its distinguished status in academic as well as in research fields. Currently, NIU is home to the College of Bioresources, College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and the College of Humanities and Management.

NIU is located in the heart of Yilan City which is less than an hour drive from Taipei. NIU has its own forest land in Jiaoxi for experimental use, forestation, and ecological research. NIU has its campus at Wujie that focuses on professional animal research and a campus near Yilan Scientific Park. We sincerely welcome you to join NIU where your dreams start here.

 2023 Admission Regulations (Bilingual version)


Spring Semester: September 21 ~ October 28, 2022 (For Master and Doctor)

2023 Fall Semester (Round 1) admission Starts from January 11 to March 3, 2023.

2023 Fall Semester (Round 2) admission Starts from March 10 to May 12, 2023.

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